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By now, most of us have heard of dental implants. But what are they, really? What are they made from? How long do they last? Would they make a good choice for me? These are a few of the questions that you may have on your mind as you consider getting a dental implant for yourself at Boulevard Dentistry in Palmdale, California.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an advanced technological solution for missing teeth that mimics the entire tooth structure. Once the implant process is complete, your new implant will look and feel exactly like a real tooth. It should serve you for the rest of your life when properly cared for.

What are dental implants made from?

A dental implant is composed of three basic parts: a titanium metal post, an abutment and a crown.

Titanium is the preferred metal used in implants because it is biologically inert, meaning it will not react to your body by causing irritation or an allergic response. Titanium by itself is not actually strong enough to serve as a dental implant; titanium is mixed within a metal alloy to strengthen it so that it can absorb the impact of chewing and biting.

What are some benefits of dental implants?

One chief advantage of receiving a dental implant is that it offers complete chewing power. Patients are typically unable to tell the difference between a dental implant and their natural teeth. They can eat and chew perfectly normally, as well as brushing and flossing as usual.

Dental implants also solve a problem that occurs with missing teeth. Your jawbone will begin to melt away without the presence of a tooth in it. Once you receive your new dental implant, your jawbone will fuse with it and preserve underlying bone that could otherwise have a negative impact on your facial appearance.

Another key benefit of receiving a dental implant is that, unlike dental bridges that have an average lifespan of a decade, dental implants should last for a lifetime.

Would I make a good candidate to receive a dental implant?

If you have one or more missing teeth, implants are normally the preferred treatment option. You can also benefit from dental implant technology if you are not comfortable with your dentures or bridge.

Up until recently, some patients with insufficient bone mass were unable to receive dental implants; however, advances in bone reconstruction have allowed even these patients to successfully receive dental implants.

I've decided to get a dental implant. What should I expect?

During your dental implant procedure, your dentist will make incisions into your gums and drill holes into the bone, which makes room for your new implant. After implantation, your jawbone will fuse around your dental implant. This normally takes a few months, after which an abutment will be placed so that a crown and artificial tooth can be attached onto it.

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