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From early infancy to young adulthood, parents eagerly look forward to the developmental milestones of their children.
Whether it’s their first smile, first steps, or their very first words, every little moment is special in its own way. Monitoring your kid’s oral development during their formative years is just as important as keeping a track of their height, weight and other general health parameters.
Following a good oral hygiene routine from the very beginning decreases the likelihood of future oral health issues in children.
Here are some fundamental oral health development milestones that you need to be aware of, to ensure that your little one has a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums:

Milestone#1: Baby teeth eruption

Eruption of primary teeth is the first major dental milestone. The first tooth typically erupts as early as 6 months after birth and by the time children reach age 3, they have already developed a full set of primary teeth.
Teething can be a difficult process for children, as gums tend to get sore or tender prior to the eruption of teeth. Reduce discomfort by giving your child a cool teething ring or try over-the-counter pain relievers recommended by your dentists.
The American Dental Association advises parents and caregivers to wipe gums of infants with clean gauze after each feeding and initiate light brushing soon after the first tooth erupts, to prevent early childhood caries which may take place if the baby consumes liquids with high sugar content.

Milestone#2: Bottle Feeding, Thumb Sucking and Regular Brushing

Once your child develops a full set of baby teeth, it’s crucial to keep a track of their oral health routine. Growing children often develop unhealthy habits that adversely affect the development of their teeth and jaws. Consumption of a high fructose diet leads to dental cavities, especially when ingested through a baby bottle.
Prolonged thumb sucking and use of pacifier are some other habits that can stunt the oral development of your child.
Aggressive thumb sucking during formative years can alter the jaw line and misalign teeth, leading to overbites and bucked teeth. Supervise brushing and flossing and carefully monitor habits linked to oral health at this stage, to prevent future complications.

Milestone#3: Mixed Dentition

Your child will lose their first baby tooth around the age of 6 or 7. This is when the permanent teeth start of kick in and most children have 28 permanent teeth by the time they turn 13. However, during the years of ‘mixed dentition’, children face unique challenges as they have both adult and baby teeth at the same time.
At this stage, it’s important to take your child to the dentist regularly, so early signs of dental problems, such as overcrowding, are timely recognized.

Milestone#4: Braces and Wisdom Teeth

Your child is supposed to lose all their primary teeth by the time they reach their teenage. At this point, third and final set of molars known as wisdom teeth might begin to erupt. Wisdom tooth eruption comes with a lot of pain and discomfort and can be removed through surgery if needed.
If your child has crooked or misaligned teeth, consult your dentist for a suitable orthodontic treatment and support your child through the process. Remember, your children might not need your assistance for daily dental care at this stage, but you can encourage them to make healthy choices.
As baby teeth are temporary, a vast majority of parents do not pay much attention to the oral health of their children, which leads to oral health complications later. Take a proactive approach toward the dental health of your children by scheduling regular preventive dental appointments with an experienced family dentist.
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