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Contrary to its name, you’d be surprised to know that no, they don’t make you smarter. They’re simply called “wisdom” teeth because they commonly erupt in people between the ages of 17 to 21.

Wisdom teeth are molars, but not everyone gets them. Moreover, some may get them but not experience any discomfort or pain.

It was found that every year, around 10 million wisdom teeth are extracted in the United States. This is because sometimes our jaws don’t have enough space to allow them to grow freely without causing us unbearable pain.

So where did wisdom tooth extraction originate from? Below we will discuss a short history:

Prehistoric times

Many anthropologists today believe that wisdom teeth were extremely helpful to people during prehistoric times as they allowed them to comfortably chew on plants, seeds, and nuts. This is because when their teeth started to decay or fall out, their wisdom teeth acted as an efficient back-up that helped them consume food.  

Before the advent of modern technology, wisdom teeth were simply removed without the use of any instruments or equipment. Patients underwent treatment with inadequate hand tools; no anesthesia was available for them to numb the pain.

Tooth extraction originated from ancient Europe, and until the 1800s, they were carried out by barbers and blacksmiths instead of professional, fully trained dentists. Moreover, dentistry was not given as much importance as it is given today, and oral health was not seen as a significant part of our overall health.

Modern times
Nowadays, modern advancements have made wisdom tooth extraction much easier and patients don’t have to undergo extreme pain in the process. This is because of the popularity of anesthesia services today.

A small incision is done to remove the wisdom tooth, and the treatment area is carefully treated. While the treatment was carried out by inexperienced barbers, blacksmiths, and general physicians in the past, they are now only carried out by trained and fully qualified dentists.

Pain medication is also regularly prescribed to manage oral pain in patients, and ice packs are typically used to reduce swelling and avoid bruising. The wisdom tooth extraction now takes less than half an hour, even when all four teeth are getting removed.

Boulevard Dental offers a range of services including cosmetic and emergency services. Our efficient wisdom tooth removal services are done using state-of-the-art equipment and patients are treated in a comfortable environment. For more, call at 661-947-7737!

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