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Many people instinctively wince upon hearing the term "root canal" because of the images it conjures up. People are conditioned to believe that root canals are extremely painful and to be avoided at all costs. In reality, root canals do not hurt. And, short of an extraction, you should not avoid this type of treatment when you have a severely abscessed tooth.

When a Root Canal is Necessary

You may need to undergo a root canal treatment to preserve the structure of a tooth, strengthen a tooth, and prolong its healthy life. This type of procedure has been greatly refined in recent years. All root canals are now performed microscopically using special devices that involve the removal of less tooth structure. This is good because it allows us to better restore your tooth. And more remaining tooth structure means that your tooth will be stronger in the long run.

Types of Dental Trauma

Having a fractured or cracked tooth is quite common. When a tooth develops tiny cracks, its nerves tend to grow sensitive. When a tooth crack widens, bacteria can enter, resulting in an infection. If we suspect a cracked tooth, we examine it microscopically to find the location and extent of the crack. Immediate restorative treatment is sometimes an option when the crack is only superficial. For more extensive tooth cracks, extraction may be necessary.

Dental pulp is the part of your tooth that contains its nerves and blood supply. Tooth trauma can often lead to damaged dental pulp. This type of trauma may be caused by sports injuries, car accidents, or other types of injuries. Inflammation may be present in the dental pulp due to the presence of a cavity. If you are noticing increasing sensitivity to cold or heat, sensitivity to sweets, or throbbing, call our office so that we can have a look.

Root Canal Procedure

It may surprise you to learn that almost 14 million people undergo root canal procedures each year. This makes the root canal one of the most common forms of dental procedures. Unfortunately, too many patients delay having a needed root canal due to fear of discomfort. In reality, any temporary discomfort from a damaged or diseased tooth is far worse than anything that will happen at a dental appointment.

What to Expect

Once we have determined that you require a root canal procedure, things are quite simple from there. Normally, a root canal takes place in just one office visit. We begin by thoroughly numbing the treatment area. Patients typically describe any unpleasant sensations as no more than that of a regular filling.

Once we have thoroughly cleared out bacteria from the area, we will seal your tooth to guard against additional decay or damage. We will also seal the inside of your tooth to further strengthen it. A cosmetic restoration may also be performed at this time.

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Have you recently suffered trauma to a tooth or suspect a tooth abscess? If so, please contact the office of Boulevard Dental immediately so that we can relieve any discomfort that you may be having and determine what treatment may be necessary.

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