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Tooth loss is something that occurs across the older age groups statistically speaking. Whether this is due to an accident, poor oral hygiene and care or old age, it can be quite unsettling for those going through it.

Tooth loss is not just aesthetically troublesome. It is a very blatant loss of natural function. Missing teeth not only make it hard to eat a whole number of food types. Gaps also tend to expose the remaining teeth to additional wear and damage.

For these reasons, people tend to go for replacements which can come in the form of either implants or in the form of bridges and crowns.

Implants or Crown and Bridge: Which is Better for Me?

If you’re wondering about which tooth replacement treatment to go for or about what these procedures are about to begin with that’s perfectly natural. It’s probably not every day that most of us have to think about how to replace lost teeth!

Here are some things you should know and take into consideration when deciding on which to go for.

What They Are Exactly

The first thing you want to be clear on is what a dental implant is and what crowns and bridges are.


upper jaw with three dental implants embedded and dental crowns

A dental implant is technically speaking a kind of surgical component. This is used to connect different dental fixtures directly to the jaw bone.

In this case however, when we say dental implant, what we mean is the component with a single denture or false tooth connected to it.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are a sort of casing used to cover and reinforce existing teeth. These are sometimes used on their own to protect damaged teeth as well as to improve oral aesthetic.

Bridges can be used to replace missing teeth when attached to teeth or crowns on either side. The false teeth that make up the bridge however are not physically attached to teeth or gums in any way.

Which Do I Go For?

Both implants and bridges with crowns offer their own advantages. Though, implants are fitted surgical, once set they function just like regular teeth. They also serve to protect the teeth around the gap that they are used to fill.

The procedure to fit in a bridge with a crown is non-intrusive. At the same time, bridges can sometimes apply strain on the teeth that they are attached to. Further, regular dental care and specialized cleaning is needed when it comes to bridge maintenance.


The last call however is yours. It makes sense to visit your family dentist and have a general check up done. Follow up by asking about what your dental treatment options are and which treatment your dentist recommends would be best for you.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Palmdale CA offering emergency dental care as well as dental implants et al, you’ve got us!

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