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By now, almost everyone is aware of the negative impact smoking has on general health. However, not everyone realizes the adverse effects smoking can have on oral and dental health. Since the mouth is the entry point for cigarette smoke, it deals with the full brunt of its damage. Even vaping, which is being hailed as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, is no good when it comes to oral health. Read on to discover how smoking or vaping can affect your dental and oral health.


Increased Risk of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is perhaps the most serious condition linked with smoking. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals, around seventy of which are known to cause cancer. These cancer causing chemicals are known as ‘carcinogens’ and they include benzene, arsenic, lead and carbon monoxide. The chemicals cause genetic mutations in the cells inside the mouth which lead to oral cancer. The strong relationship between smoking and oral cancer was signified when studies revealed that over 75% of oral cancer patients who were aged 50 plus were regular users of tobacco.

Stains & Discoloration

Cigarettes and other tobacco products contain nicotine and tar which cause discoloration and yellow stains on teeth. Furthermore, teeth that are stained or discolored due to smoking can be extremely difficult to whiten. However at Boulevard Dental, we use advanced teeth whitening techniques to remove the tough yellow stains caused by smoking and we’ll brighten up your smile in no time!

Enamel Erosion

The harmful chemicals present in tobacco products are a leading cause of enamel erosion. Weak or eroded tooth enamel means that there is less protection for the teeth against destructive elements such as bacteria and acid. Enamel erosion can cause teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and they start decaying. Decaying teeth can be excruciatingly painful. They can become loose and even fall out.

Vaping is Just as Harmful

If you thought that the e-cigarette is the messiah that will deliver you from oral health issues, we’ve got bad news for you. Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine which reduces blood flow and hinders the mouth’s ability to combat bacteria. This can result in severe gum infections such as the periodontal disease. Furthermore, e-cigarette vapors contain a protein which causes inflammation in the gum tissues that can lead to serious oral diseases. E-cigarette vapors are also known to suppress key immune genes in your body leaving you more susceptible to oral diseases.
Stains on teeth, caused by excessive smoking are very tough and can’t be removed by DIY teeth whitening methods! If you are a resident of Palmdale, CA, Boulevard Dental’s professional cosmetic dentistry services can help restore your dazzling smile! Call 661 947-7737 to fix an appointment.

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