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Bone grafting, as the name suggests is a surgical problem which is used for fixing issues with bones and joints. It’s used for treating bones that have sustained serious damage.
In addition to that, it is also used for growing bone around an implanted device and fill out areas where the bones are missing.

Bone Grafting and Dental Implants


Dental implants are the perfect choice for people who want to replace a missing tooth. However, the process of installing a dental implant can be fairly complicated. Furthermore, it also requires bone grafting.
The point is to restore or regenerate lost bones in your face. This usually happens if you lost your teeth in an accident. The loss of teeth affects the jaw bone’s structure and leads to deterioration, thereby affecting your facial structure.

How to Prepare For the Process

Before going ahead with the process, doctors conduct a thorough medical examination of the patient. They also ask you if you are currently taking any medication or supplements.
Patients are also required to fast before the surgery. This prevents any kind of complications from arising due to anesthesia.

What Happens During the Process

During the process, a piece of bone is removed from another patients jaw or body and is transplanted into the jawbone. In some cases, the bones are also extracted from animals.
The dentist doesn’t perform the second surgery immediately. They wait for the transplanted bone to heal and grow big enough to support surrounding bones.
Once your jawbone has fully healed, the surgeon proceeds to screw titanium bases in place.

After The Surgery

Bone grafting can be uncomfortable. Patients face problems like gums swelling and minor bleeding after the process.
However, these are just side effects that fade away after some time. During the healing process, dentists ask you to watch your diet and avoid hard foods.
Bone grafting and dental implants are complicated procedures. Therefore, you should only rely on experts for this treatment. This is where Boulevard dental comes in. We offer a wide range of emergency dental treatments like bone grafting.
We use two separate treatments for restoring and replacing bones. These include sinus lift and ridge augmentation.
In the former’s case, the bone is added to your upper jaw by molars and premolars. In case of latter, the bone grafts are placed in locations where your teeth’s roots should be.
Apart from bone grafting, we offer additional services which include professional teeth whitening. Contact us at 661-947-7737.

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