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It's important to all of us at Boulevard Dental Palmdale that our patients have a good understanding of any dental procedure that they might need. Dental work can be worrying, but being informed about what will take place helps to put you at ease. That's why we've compiled these frequently asked questions about palmdale dental implants for our patients.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the solutions available for people with one or more missing teeth. An implant is a titanium pole, which is implanted in the gum and jawbone. These supports are then used for crowns, bridges or dentures. The implants hold the artificial teeth in place, offering a more stable alternative to removable dentures.

Who Is Eligible for Dental Implants?

Many people are suitable candidates for palmdale dental implants, but there are a few exceptions. You need to have good oral health, and your bones and gums must be healthy and strong enough for the implants to take. Usually, if you are able to have a tooth removed without complications, you can also have dental implants. Before you are approved for implants, your dentist will examine your oral health and discuss your general health too.

Age on its own will not prevent you from having dental implants. However, there are several factors that might make you unsuitable, such as being a heavy smoker or drinker. Some chronic conditions such as diabetes might also rule you out, as well as having had radiation treatment in the jaw or neck area.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Each dental implant procedure is different because everyone needs a different amount of work to prepare them for an implant. You might also be getting just one or two implants, or you could be aiming to replace a full set of teeth.

There's no need to worry about pain during and after your implant procedure. While you will experience some low levels of discomfort, it's usually very manageable. During the procedure, an anesthetic will make sure that you don't feel any pain.

Dental implant work can take several months if you require a lot of work. If it will take awhile, Dr Gobrial can fit you with temporary artificial teeth until the permanent ones are ready to be put in place.

How Do You Choose a Dentist for Dental Implants?

An experienced dentist should carry out dental implant procedures. Due to the technical nature of the procedure, not just any dentist is able to fit an implant. The dentist needs to be someone like Dr Gobrial who has experience in implants. A dedicated doctor should take the time and effort to carry out the work carefully and get it right the first time. At Boulevard Dental, we want to make sure that all our patients are happy with the service we provide.

How Much Are Dental Implants?

There are cheaper options for replacing teeth than palmdale dental implants, but implants provide the most permanent option. Costs for implants start at around $1,500 and can cost several times that for one tooth. What you pay for dental implants will include materials and labor. Dentists need to have the right skills and experience to insert implants, and even a single implant can take awhile to complete the procedure. You pay for the quality materials and for the time of skilled professionals. Most of the time, insurance won't pay for dental implants, although it might cover some costs.

What Happens After the Procedure?

After having a dental implant fitted, the next step is to have an artificial tooth fitted onto the implant. The tooth is designed to look natural next to your natural teeth, as well as provide a practical tooth replacement. They improve your quality of life, allowing you to eat a normal diet.

Dental implants have a 93 percent success rate over ten years, offering a long-term answer to missing teeth.


In need of a dentist? Look no more. Dr. David and his team are who you're looking for! They are friendly, professional, and best of all gentle with your oral care. My experience was pleasant and painless.

- Chenell E. (Palmdale)

Dr. David is amazing! I was first referred by my sister about this place and, I absolutely love this office. Starting from the front office, Angie and Jackie, always sweet and kind and very helpful. The back office is wonderful too, Karina-Dental assistant, she is the best! My family and I have been coming here and it's always been a great experience. Thank you Dr. David, you have always been very patient, gentle, and informative with all of our dental needs.

- Cindy D. (Palmdale)

My grandpa was having a terrible toothache so I brought him in to see Dr. Gobrial because I've heard wonderful things about him and his staff!! And it was so true! I asked the office if I could make an appointment and because he was having a tooth ache they told me to bring him right in!!! Dr. Gobrial took care of his toothache and made him dentures and now my grandpa has a beautiful smile. Dr Gobrial and the ENTIRE STAFF are the best in the AV.

- Brianda B. (Palmdale)
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