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We know that your smile is more than just a part of your face. It’s one of the first things people will notice about you. A beautiful smile can show confidence, beauty and even reveal your personality or emotion. Everyone deserves the right to have a smile they love, but very few people are born with perfect teeth. Straight teeth are hardly ever natural, and they can always be damaged or broken. Dr Gobrial provides the solution to these issues, offering his patients the chance for the smile of their dreams while also keeping their oral health in check.

Why Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Are your teeth chipped or broken, yellow or faded? Do you have an issue with gap or hole, perhaps a tooth that looks like a nightmare? Well, dental veneers palmdale are the ultimate affordable solution to all these issues. With veneers, you can correct all these cosmetic problems with your teeth at a price that you can easily afford.

Trust in Dr. Gobrial to give you veneers that are both comfortable, durable and even discrete! Using our service, you can get veneers that match the shade of your teeth perfectly providing a natural looking improvement. Dr. Gobrial believes that dentistry isn’t just a medical service it’s a form of art, and he will work to make sure your teeth look picture perfect with stunning veneers.

What Do Veneers Involve?

Book an appointment for Veneers in Palmdale with Boulevard Dental, and Dr. Gobrial will provide a thorough check of your teeth. It’s important to look for issues like gum disease as this can impact whether veneers are effective and will hold. These issues will be treated, and once your teeth are ready, a full treatment plan will be conceived. This might involve x-rays and other procedures as well as explaining everything you can expect.

Once your teeth are ready, and the treatment plan is in place, a thin layer of enamel is taken away from your tooth. Using local anaesthetic, this will be totally painless. You might be provided with a temporary veneer if a custom veneer takes a little longer to order. Treatment continues by cleaning and polishing the tooth and then etching it. This provides a surface ideal for adding the bonding solution for the veneer.

Using advanced tech, the chemical in the cement is activated, bonding with the veneer. Adjustments are made to ensure the veneer is comfortable and looks perfect. Once complete, you will return for a follow up a few weeks later to ensure treatment was a success.

Benefits Of Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers palmdale used to be expensive, but now they are completely affordable and long-lasting. As well as this, they can provide a natural appearance to perfectly match your original teeth. In fact, no one will be able to tell you’ve had any work done at all.

Better yet, veneers don’t need special care. Keep up your oral health, and your dental veneers palmdale will last for years, maintaining their original look and feel.

The Solution You Need

Don’t suffer in silence with a smile you can’t bear to show. With our veneer treatment, we’ll make your teeth look beautiful once more giving you back your confidence and boosting your oral health. Get an appointment today and trust in the expert service we provide at Boulevard dental.

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