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CT scans are sometimes used in dentistry to help with diagnosis by providing three-dimensional images. As a type of X-ray, it provides clearer and more accurate images than standard X-rays, which you have probably had at the dentist's office before. Dr. Gobrial uses a CT scanner palmdale to help diagnose dental problems and determine the best way to treat them.

How CT Scans Are Used in Dentistry

CT scans are used for a number of reasons in dentistry. They help to give a more accurate diagnosis so that the dentist can choose the best treatment. Some of the ways a dentist might use a CT scanner palmdale include:

  • Finding the exact size and location of a tumor, helping to diagnose oral cancers accurately
  • Checking the density of jawbones - adequate bone density is essential for dental implants
  • Diagnosis of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and impacted teeth
  • Cephalometric analysis - analyzing the relationship between the skull, jaw and teeth
  • Assisting with reconstructive surgery
  • Evaluating the nasal cavity, jaw, and even sinuses and nerve canals

The Benefits of CT Scans

CT scans offer a number of benefits in dentistry. They offer a clear and accurate picture of internal anatomy. Unlike some other types of medical scan, they don't distort or overlap the images. Your dentist will get a much clearer picture with CT scans, allowing them to be more precise in their diagnosis and treatment.

CT scans are also fast. Like X-rays, they only take a few seconds to carry out, and your dentist can then view the images on a monitor. They produce 3D images, which enables your dentist to view them at different angles, which isn't so easy with other types of diagnostic scan.

Being able to get such clear images means that it's easier to prepare for dental procedures, including dental implants. Dental implants need to fuse to the jawbone to be successful, which requires the bone to be strong and healthy. CT scans play a crucial role in determining the health of the bone and deciding if implants can be fitted. It also means that a surgical template can be prepared using the information from the scans, which helps in the implant procedure.

CT scans allow for both hard and soft tissue to be viewed at the same time. This means that bone can be seen on the same scans as things like tumors, which helps to show the complete makeup of someone's mouth, jaw and other areas.

A CT scanner palmdale is non-invasive, meaning that there's no pain or discomfort associated with it. If you have had X-rays at the dentist's office before, you should be perfectly comfortable having a CT scan too.

Boulevard Dental uses CT scans to help our team deliver the best care to our patients. We have CT scanning available at our office so that we can meet all our patients' needs in one place. Your health and comfort are our priorities, and we always strive to deliver the best results. Get in touch with our office today if you need dental services from our dedicated team.

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