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Root canals usually heal well, and the treatment doesn't need to be repeated. However, in some cases, a tooth might not recover well after a root canal procedure. It could also be at risk of developing an infection. Boulevard Dental offers endodontic retreatment palmdale for these situations. This procedure is designed to promote healing in the tooth and aims to prevent the need for tooth extraction.

Why Might a Tooth Fail to Heal After a Root Canal Procedure?

  • Not all canals may have been reached during treatment due to narrowness or curvature
  • Hidden problems due to complex canal structure that wasn't spotted during the first treatment
  • The crown was not fitted as soon as possible after the root canal procedure
  • The crown was poorly fitted and allowed saliva to access the treated area
  • Decay that wasn't previously there might begin to show, leading to an infection
  • An old or broken filling could leave the tooth vulnerable
  • A broken tooth leads to a broken crown

How Endodontic Retreatment Works

Endodontic retreatment palmdale helps you to restore your tooth again, and hopefully, prevent the need for tooth extraction. Before the procedure can begin, the dentist first needs to remove the materials used in the first treatments. The dentist will take out the crown, post and core material, as well as the root filling material. Dr Gobrial will take a look at the tooth to check for signs of infection and any potential causes, as well as untreated root canal parts. Dr Gobrial will then prepare the tooth using a chemo-mechanical process before the filling can be applied.

A temporary filling protects the tooth while the dentist treats the tooth. Dr Gobrial might suggest that you have endodontic surgery if the canals of the teeth are narrow or blocked. You will then have a second appointment when Dr Gobrial will remove the temporary filling and place a new crown.

Endodontic retreatment works well for many people, but some might also need to have endodontic surgery or possibly tooth extraction.

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic surgery is when the dentist makes a small cut on your gum to work on the tip of your tooth. This is to allow the root tip to be sealed, which helps to prevent infection. Endodontic surgery might be recommended along with retreatment if retreatment is not an adequate solution on its own.

Tooth Extraction

Dr Gobrial will try to do everything possible to avoid tooth extraction, but it is sometimes the only remaining option. If reconstruction isn't possible, removing the tooth will allow you to prevent any further infections. The tooth can be replaced with a bridge or another solution, which will protect your gum and make sure that you can chew, plus restore your smile.

Your doctor will try to restore your natural teeth before considering tooth extraction. It's best if you can your natural teeth, and endodontic retreatment palmdale or surgery can help to restore a tooth to prevent removal. However, in cases where treatment is unsuccessful or wouldn't be helpful, extraction might be the best solution.

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