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Root Canal Palmdale

A root canal treatment, often just referred to as a root canal palmdale, is a procedure that treats a damaged or diseased tooth. It targets the root of the tooth to remove infected pulp, then clean and fill the root canal, before sealing and repairing the tooth. A root canal might be recommended if you have a painful tooth, although you won't always experience pain if you need a root canal procedure. At Boulevard Dental, we can restore your teeth and your smile with our affordable root canal procedures and other endodontic services.

When You Might Need a Root Canal Treatment

If the pulp of a tooth, the soft part below the enamel and dentin, is infected, a root canal or another endodontic treatment is often required. Infections such as these are caused by severe tooth decay, damage to the tooth or even repeated dental procedures. Gum disease is another potential cause.

A tooth is made up of three main materials:

  • Enamel: this is the visible outer layer of the tooth
  • Dentin: the material underneath the enamel that holds the pulp chamber
  • Pulp chamber: holds the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue that keep your teeth alive

When the pulp becomes infected, inflammation causes pressure and pain. Damage to the pulp might lead to its death, which can make it seem as if the pain has gone away. However, it often returns as more acute pain. When this problem occurs, root canal palmdale treatment helps to retain the tooth.

To diagnose the problem and decide the correct approach, Dr Gobrial will examine the tooth thoroughly. This might include an X-ray of the tooth, as well as a close assessment of its health. The dentist will also ask you about your general health, and ask you about any medications you are currently taking. This is to ensure that the correct procedures are followed to keep you safe and decide on the right treatment.

How Root Canal Treatment Is Carried Out

  • Dr Gobrial numbs the area of the tooth with a local anesthetic
  • To protect the treatment area, a dental dam is placed. This thin rubber sheet prevents saliva from entering the treatment area so that bacteria cannot cause further infection.
  • Dr Gobrial is able to work on the pulp and root canals by drilling a small hole in the tooth enamel.
  • The dentist removes the tooth's pulp using tools designed for working on root canals to remove the cause of pain.
  • The canals are disinfected, so bacteria doesn't cause infection in the future.
  • The canals need to be reshaped before they can be filled. Dr Gobrial does this by cleaning the canals again to remove excess material before filling.
  • The root is filled using a rubbery or thermoplastic material, then the filling is sealed in place using adhesive cement.
  • Another filling material is used to fill the hole that Dr Gobrial drilled to access the tooth. It might be permanent or temporary, depending on what work is needed next.
  • Dr Gobrial might prescribe an antibiotic to help treat and prevent infection.
  • A crown replaces the parts of the tooth that have been removed, providing further protection and restoring your smile.

A root canal palmdale procedure is no more frightening than having a normal filling. It's often the best way to save your tooth while dealing with pain and infection.

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