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Dental Crowns Palmdale

Beautiful smile with dental crowns

Dental crowns palmdale are a common item used to restore the patient’s smile, and Dr. Gobrial takes immense pride in helping clients experience the physical and cosmetic benefits of this dental procedure. With several options on offer, Boulevard Dental is the only service you’ll ever need.

A dental crown is a cap that fits over the whole of the original tooth and down to the gum. They are applied using a specialized dental cement, ensuring that they provide a comfortable fit time and time again.

Why Choose Dental Crowns?

When analyzing the possible treatments to fix your broken smile, dental crowns palmdale are just one of several options. However, they are a very popular choice among patients of all backgrounds while Dr. Gobrial often suggests that this is the best possible solution. Dental crowns may be suggested for several reasons, including:

  • They can restore a tooth that is chipped, broken, or worn down.
  • Provide protection to weak or decayed teeth.
  • Prevent cracking and hold previously cracked teeth together.
  • Support a dental bridge.
  • Provide cover to discolored or misshapen teeth.
  • Provide cover to teeth that have had other treatments including bridges or implants.
  • Support a tooth that has a filling.

Dental crowns offer a practical, affordable, and lasting solution to many dental problems without the need for extracting teeth or causing changes to the mouth’s shape and structure.

What Types Of Dental Crown Are Available?

Generally speaking, there are four different materials that can be used for your dental crowns palmdale, and each one offers a slightly different experience. Those main options are:

Stainless steel crowns: Primarily used for temporary crowns and children's crowns as they are easier to fit and require less time. Despite being a temporary measure, they are very robust.

Metal alloy crowns: Created from platinum, gold, or base metal alloys, they are the most durable option available. They won’t chip and can last for years, although their appearance isn’t ideal for visible teeth.

Porcelain-to-metal crowns: While they are more prone to chipping, these crowns are color matched to the surrounding teeth. This makes them the perfect option for restoring natural beauty.

Resin and ceramic crowns: These options are also color matched to the surrounding teeth while resin materials are the cheapest of all. However, they can chip fairly easily too. Ceramics are ideal for those with metal allergies.

The right choice of dental crown will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Gobrial is happy to provide assistance through the decision making processes too.

What To Expect From The Procedure

The process of getting a crown fitted usually involves two visits. The first is used to remove a layer of enamel so that the crown will fit snugly while impressions are taken and sent to the labs for crown manufacturing.

A second visit is used to fit the crown, using the dental cement, and to check that the patient is comfortable. This also gives Dr. Gobrial an opportunity to confirm that the color of porcelain and resins match the surrounding teeth.

So, if you’re in need of a dental crown, the first step to restoring your smile is to call Boulevard Dental today.


In need of a dentist? Look no more. Dr. David and his team are who you're looking for! They are friendly, professional, and best of all gentle with your oral care. My experience was pleasant and painless.

- Chenell E. (Palmdale)

Dr. David is amazing! I was first referred by my sister about this place and, I absolutely love this office. Starting from the front office, Angie and Jackie, always sweet and kind and very helpful. The back office is wonderful too, Karina-Dental assistant, she is the best! My family and I have been coming here and it's always been a great experience. Thank you Dr. David, you have always been very patient, gentle, and informative with all of our dental needs.

- Cindy D. (Palmdale)

My grandpa was having a terrible toothache so I brought him in to see Dr. Gobrial because I've heard wonderful things about him and his staff!! And it was so true! I asked the office if I could make an appointment and because he was having a tooth ache they told me to bring him right in!!! Dr. Gobrial took care of his toothache and made him dentures and now my grandpa has a beautiful smile. Dr Gobrial and the ENTIRE STAFF are the best in the AV.

- Brianda B. (Palmdale)
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