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Dental Fillings Palmdale

Dental fillings palmdale, otherwise known as white fillings or composite resin fillings, are one of the most common dental treatments on the market and can be used to fill cavities or repair a host of minor cosmetic problems. At Boulevard Dental we pride ourselves in the level of care Dr. Gobrial provides with all dental filling procedures.

Millions of patients up and down the country choose this option to restore their winning smile each year while it is among the most frequent treatments carried out at our offices too.

When Are Dental Fillings Needed?

Dental fillings palmdale are most commonly used to fill cavities but can be used to repair other issues. Coronal cavities, located on chewing surfaces between the teeth, are the most common issue among both adults and children.

Other frequent issues include root cavities, which occur when the root is exposed to decay due to receding gums, and recurrent decay around existing fillings or crowns. Whatever the source of your problem may be, it’s important to act quickly before those minor problems escalate into something far worse.

Identifying those issues by spotting the early symptoms is essential. Here are some of the issues to look out for:

  • Increased sensitivity, particularly to one tooth.
  • Tears or frayed string when flossing.
  • Food regularly getting stuck between teeth.
  • Dark spots on a tooth.
  • A chipped or fractured tooth.
  • Damage to a previous tooth filling.
  • Throbbing or sharp pains to one tooth.

If any of those symptoms surface, there’s a strong possibility that white fillings will be the best solution to your problems. Consulting a dental expert like Dr. Gobrial is the first step towards diagnosing and correcting those issues. Leave it too long, and you could potentially lose the affected tooth altogether.

Why Choose Dental Fillings Over Other Treatments?

Dental fillings palmdale aren’t the only treatment available, but they are among the most popular for good reason. Silver fillings are commonly used in other dental offices. However, Dr. Gobrial prefers to use white fillings due to the long list of benefits that they bring to the patient. Those advantages include:

  • White fillings are designed to match the natural tooth color for improved appearances.
  • White fillings are free from mercury.
  • Treatments are usually completed in a single visit and show immediate results
  • White fillings integrate with the teeth to make them stronger and less sensitive.
  • White fillings last for up to 10 years.
  • They are far cheaper and less obtrusive than other restorative treatments.
  • Treatments can be completed with only a small amount (or even no) anesthesia.

White fillings are ultimately the most convenient, safe, and affordable way to correct a host of minor dental issues, including cavities. Whether it’s one tooth or several, Dr. Gobrial can improve the look and health of your teeth in a professional and friendly manner.

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Whether you wish to book a consultation or simply discuss the process and cost of the treatment, Boulevard Dental is here to help. Call today, and we’ll get you smiling once more.

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