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Millions of people avoid visiting the dentist simply because they fear the pain. First and foremost, this is an illogical way to think as untreated oral problems can lead to huge problems. Besides, the advanced sedation options now open to all patients ensure that those procedures can be completed in a painless and unobtrusive fashion.

There are three main types of sedation, with oral sedation and IV sedation considered the most common and popular choices. Here’s all you need to know about those options.

Oral Sedation

Otherwise called pill sedation, oral sedation sees patients consume a pill in the hours leading up to the appointment. Oral sedatives are a type of Benzodiazepine (i.e. Valium, Halcion, Xanax), which reduces anxiety and fear. This leaves patients in a calm mood, enabling the dentist to work in an efficient manner without causing pain to the patient.

Advantages of Oral Sedation

No needles: Given that this is the number one fear for most patients, opting for an oral sedative is naturally a preferred choice for many.

Easily administered: This is the easiest sedation to administer as the dentist will simply give you a pill that needs to be swallowed an hour before treatment.

Safety: Oral sedatives have to go through rigorous FDA regulations. Therefore, the threat of experiencing dangerous side effects is minimal.

Amnesia: Taking a strong dosage of Benzodiazepines means that patients won’t remember anything about the treatment. This can be highly useful for those that may need further visits.

Responsive: Despite being under sedation and unable to remember the event, you will be conscious. This means you can respond to instructions throughout the process.

IV Sedation: Intravenous sedation sees the dentist administer a sedative via an injection into your vein. The doctor can adjust the level of sedation needed for the specific task, which reduces the risks of any severe side effects. As with oral sedation, it is used to leave patients feeling cal before and during the dental treatments.

Advantages of IV Sedation

Increased sedation: Compared to the oral sedation, IV options allow the dentist to administer a far higher dosage (if needed) without compromising safety.

Fast effects: Unlike waiting an hour for the pills to work, IV sedatives can begin to work within a matter of seconds.

Fast recoveries: Likewise, patients are likely to regain normality far sooner than they would with general anesthesia or oral treatments.

Treats severe cases: Even patients with high levels of fear ahead of the treatment can use IV sedation to calm their nerves, making life easier for patient and dentist alike.

Responsive: As with oral sedation, patients using IV sedation remain conscious although they won’t remember anything.

The Final Word

Both IV sedation and oral sedation can be considered better than the general anesthesia, which is a combination of inhaled gases and intravenous medications. In truth, the choice between the two popular choices is largely a matter of preference, although the type of treatment can have a big impact too.

If you’re still uncertain, speak to one of our friendly experts for further advice.

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