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Crown Lengthening Palmdale

Crown Lengthening Demonstration

What is Crown Lengthening?

A common form of oral surgery, crown lengthening is a procedure to remove excess gum tissue, bone, or both. The purpose of the surgery is to better expose your teeth. At Boulevard Dental, Dr. Gobrial performs crown lengthening surgeries regularly with stunning results.

Reasons for Crown Lengthening

Restoring Damaged Teeth

Severely damaged teeth may require crown lengthening if the tooth is broken under the surface or, in the case of severe tooth decay or trauma, if there is not enough tooth left to restore.

Inserting a Dental Crown

Damaged teeth may be protected and strengthened using a dental crown. However, if the crown doesn’t fit perfectly, it may cause irritation to the gums resulting in chronic inflammation. The purpose of crown lengthening in this case is to prevent irritation by increasing the space between the gum and the crown.

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening may be used to create a broader smile. You can speak to Dr. Gobrial about your issues and discuss where you would like to remove excess gum tissue to improve your smile. Tissue may be removed from multiple areas at once to give you the aesthetically pleasing smile you desire.

What to Expect At Your Appointment

Initial Appointment

You will meet Dr. Gobrial to discuss your reasons for crown lengthening as well as any concerns you may have. Dr. Gobrial will look at your x-rays and make a recommendation.

You will then schedule an appointment for the surgery. If you require a crown, a temporary crown will be fitted for the interim. This allows Dr. Gobrial to gauge how much gum tissue will need to be removed for the permanent crown to fit perfectly.

Surgical Appointment

Crown lengthening is performed in our office and the patient is usually under sedation or general anesthesia. The length of the surgery depends on the work being done, but Dr. Gobrial will advise you when you make your appointment.

When performing the surgery, Dr. Gobrial will make small cuts in the gum to reveal the root of the tooth. He will then remove the necessary amount of gum or bone before rinsing the area with saltwater and stitching the gums back into place. If you are having a crown, this will be put into place once the surgery is complete.

After Your Surgery

The anesthesia will take some time to wear off and you should not eat anything during this time. You may experience some discomfort after the procedure but this will get better as you heal. Over the counter painkillers will help alleviate any pain.

A diet of soft foods is best after this type of surgery to prevent any damage to your mouth. Dr. Gobrial will provide home care instructions to help.

A week after your surgery, you will need to return to the office to have your stitches removed.

Overall, it will take 3 months for you to heal completely. After this time, any further restorative procedures may take place.

To discuss any queries or concerns with us, please call the office and we will be happy to help.


In need of a dentist? Look no more. Dr. David and his team are who you're looking for! They are friendly, professional, and best of all gentle with your oral care. My experience was pleasant and painless.

- Chenell E. (Palmdale)

Dr. David is amazing! I was first referred by my sister about this place and, I absolutely love this office. Starting from the front office, Angie and Jackie, always sweet and kind and very helpful. The back office is wonderful too, Karina-Dental assistant, she is the best! My family and I have been coming here and it's always been a great experience. Thank you Dr. David, you have always been very patient, gentle, and informative with all of our dental needs.

- Cindy D. (Palmdale)

My grandpa was having a terrible toothache so I brought him in to see Dr. Gobrial because I've heard wonderful things about him and his staff!! And it was so true! I asked the office if I could make an appointment and because he was having a tooth ache they told me to bring him right in!!! Dr. Gobrial took care of his toothache and made him dentures and now my grandpa has a beautiful smile. Dr Gobrial and the ENTIRE STAFF are the best in the AV.

- Brianda B. (Palmdale)
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